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GNS530 GNS430 contact kit

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Contact set for installing Garmin GNS430 or GNS530.    This kit includes all of the discrete contacts needed for one of these popular GARMIN installations.  Having this kit can either save you ALOT of money, or money and  time & effort to acquire these separately.  This kit does not include the connector housings, but depends on you re-using those from the original installation.

If you are purchasing a NEW Garmin 430 or 530, a complete installation kit is normally included.  This kit ONLY includes the contacts, and is meant for use in a "re-installation".

These contacts are quite expensive from Garmin.  I believe a complete new installation kit lists for over $250.    Don't even think about doing that expensive installation using cheap Ratio Snack formed crimp contacts.  Do it right, and use the Mil Spec machined crimp contacts.  

I do have another kit, which includes the connector shells and hoods as well, if you need those.   If you don' see it in the store, drop me a note and I'll point it out.





The following contacts are included in this kit-


(25)    standard  density mil spec gold DSUB socket contacts

(125)  high Density mil spec gold pins

(4)      AWG 18 socket contacts (power)


(20)    shield termination contacts

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GNS530 GNS430 contact kit

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