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Gleim Garmin 530 Online Training Course

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Gleim Garmin 530 Training Course

The Gleim Garmin 530 Course is an interactive, self-study program  designed to help you learn and master the operation of Garmin's GNS 530 NAV/COM.  Each of the nine core study units contain an informative, intuitively appealing  audiovisual presentation and an interactive quiz for you to test your abilities  by actually using a digital GNS 530.

About the Course

  • Nine study units explain all functions of the GNS 530
  • Two optional study units take your knowledge even further into GNS 530 operation
  • Interactive quizzes let you practice your GPS skills before you get in the airplane
  • Quick reference study outlines for each study unit

Each study unit contains:

  • Multiple pages of outlined study material
  • Instructions for essential unit operations
  • Tips and advice for efficient data input
  • 10-15 minutes of effective knowledge transfer
  • 5-10 minute interactive quiz

Complete the course to earn FAA WINGS credit.

Course Contents

  1. Basic Key and Knob Functions
  2. Communication and Navigation
  3. The NAV Page Group
  4. The Waypoint Page Group
  5. The AUX Page Group
  6. The Nearest Page Group
  7. IFR Operations
  8. Emergency Operations
  9. Vertical Navigation
  10. Interfaces (optional)
  11. WAAS (optional)

Course Facts

  • Structured, interactive, self-study review and certificate program  delivered online via the Internet
    You can complete this  course at your own pace anytime during the one-year period you have access  to it. The course uses the Gleim proven Knowledge Transfer System methods to  help you learn, understand, and remember the information presented.

  • Takes about 5 hours to complete
    Each of the nine  required study units should take about 30 minutes to complete. There are  also two optional study units on advanced unit information that you may take  if you wish.
  • Challenges you, but provides you with the knowledge to pass

    Our intuitively appealing outline material and audiovisual presentations  give you all the information you need in a well-organized format, so you can  focus your study on the areas you need to review the most. You can then  confidently pass each study unit's interactive quiz with ease.

  • Inexpensive and user friendly
    Because this course  is delivered via the Internet, you save a considerable amount of money when  compared to similar products offered by other providers. For those who are  less familiar with computers, we have a trained, friendly support staff you  can contact for help.

The Gleim Garmin 530 Course is an effective, easy-to-use, and intuitively  appealing way to refresh and expand your knowledge of how to operate this  valuable avionics system.

Duration: 12 Months

Access to this course will expire 12 months from the date of purchase.  If you have not completed the course and you need access after the expiration  date, you may purchase a 12 month extension at half the current purchase price.  You will have 30 days to purchase an extension.


Gleim online courses are compatible on all operating systems and mobile devices or tablets with an Internet connection.

Gleim Garmin 530 Online Training Course

Click here to purchase or contact the seller of this item on eBay

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